Last Thursday it was 36 degrees and 66% humidity at 11am. I found myself desperately seeking an air-conditioned space in the city centre of Cairns for a coffee meeting and a bit blogging.

In my heated search for a comfortable cool oasis, I thought to myself, I absolutely love the new works that have reshaped the look of the city centre. The ability to drive through on Lake Street, the u-turning lanes on Grafton Street, the ally bars, the funky cafes and of course our amazing new Cairns School of Arts. I’m proud of our little changing city and while I don’t know what the future plans are for the area, I got to thinking about transforming spaces and buildings that need a little facelift.

One thing I love about visiting bigger cities in Australia is the use of Facades to create a contemporary feel and really sets the scene. As I was doing my wandering I spotted a few buildings which I thought would look amazing with custom designed facades. Perhaps with a tropical patterns, or even using the vision of an architect or artist to create something truly unique. Because, you know, we can do that.

Facades are a great way to modernise an existing building, attract attention of locals and visitors like no other feature can. Especially since they’re designed and manufactured locally with framing, brackets, fixings etc where required, ready for immediate (and easy) onsite installation. 

So the hero shot on this post if a photoshop mock-up I did of one inner city building next to the school of arts. Here it is again, just because. I reckon facades could rock our little city.

alt text

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