If you’ve been watching The Block, you’ll want to read all the way to the end of this post…

One of my most favourite observations in the week leading up to christmas in Cairns, is the high number of driveways which all of a sudden appear to have loads of mulch dumped on them. It’s like clock work, you know it’s the beginning of an in-law induced backyard blitz.

Appearing organised isn’t enough, you need to have a plan, and we’ve got a handy tip to share with you ahead of time, so that your Christmas blitz delivers the best results.

You’ll have every on looker in the street, nodding with complete approval when you’re using FormBoss as your trusty steed. Whether you’re constructing a footpath, driveway, creating steps, a garden bed or even a retaining wall, FormBoss is stronger than aluminium and much sexier than block. Available in three finishes, eight heights and four gauges, you’ll have one consistent extreme makeover in a matter of hours.

In fact, you’ll make the DIY installation look effort less and bring out your inner artist using the shapable material to create intricate curves to endless straight lines, lifting your backyard game to ‘Garden of eden’ status.

And when the neighbours are gearing up to do the backyard blitz again next year, you can sit and relax with the 10 year guarantee that the Durable FormBoss doesn’t crack, split, roll or dint and you’ve got it all covered.

Ready to get organised? Come and check our exclusive FormBoss range at our new OceanBlue Living showroom at 116 Lyons Street, Portsmith.