OceanBlue Living Screens reshape living spaces. Segment spaces, reframe views and create shade and privacy by filtering light.

Screens reshape spaces. Add shade and privacy, add a visual break, hide or reframe a view, segment a room, redirect routes through your house or office, and at the same time, make the objects functional and beautiful. Our screens are weatherproof, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors. And they’re durable—we guarantee our finishes to industry standards. Our screens surpass building compliance codes and are precisely installed to the highest standard.


Just like our screens, OceanBlue Living Gates are secure and durable yet aesthetically pleasing to blend into your surrounding environment. They can be remotely operated with buttons or your smartphone.

Safe, strong and secure, our gates are function as they should, but as custom designed architectural objects, they complement and enhance your living spaces rather than compromising them. Our pattern designs increase privacy with restricting airflow, and allow a great range versatility in application. All our gates surpass building compliance codes, including safe edges, and are installed with the technical craftsmanship we pride ourselves on.


OceanBlue Living Outdoor metalworks include letterboxes, fire-pits, columns and sculpture. With our versatile cutting technology, if you have an idea, we can create it.

Our outdoor metalworks broaden your living spaces—which is especially useful in tropical Queensland—by complementing your existing living spaces using architectural objects that blend into your natural surroundings. All-weather durable finishes and materials mean the objects improve in appearance with age. Of course, we can design and cut any pattern you wish, to match your living space. And some of our fire-pits even fold away, to avoid inevitable backyard cricket crashes.

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