We’re boat builders by trade. We were seduced by the weight, feel and versatility of water-jet metal cutting, so we decided to start our own metalworks shop for artistic, functional architectural objects. Thirteen years later, we’re only just beginning.

Founded by Vince and LeaAnne Cassaniti, OceanBlue Living has evolved from a two-person workshop into a team of craftspeople with both design techniques and technical skillsets who have the knowhow and experience to bring your ideas to life.

We believe in the transformational effect of spaces: spaces that people want to be in, that help people work, and live. As our lives become faster, having space to regain ourselves becomes more important. The presence and natural beauty of our architectural pieces helps create those spaces.

We’re here to help you discover, design and fabricate architectural pieces that will bring your ideas to life and transform your living spaces.

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