Durable, functional, beautiful

We make elegant, timeless architectural applications that transform your living space and blend into your surroundings. From screens, panels, gates and letterboxes, to signage, wall art and garden sculpture, our metalworks are weatherproof, durable, functional and beautiful. Our products are proudly designed and built in our Cairns workshop.

Crafted by boat builders

We’re boat builders by trade. We were seduced by the weight, feel and versatility of water-jet metal cutting, so we decided to start our own metalworks shop for artistic, functional architectural objects. Thirteen years later, we’re only just beginning.

The biggest thing our clients say about working with us is that we’re good at helping people through the process. Because there’s so much you can do, sometimes it’s overwhelming. We’ve been doing it a while, so we know how to get that idea in your head and make it real, transforming your living space into a You space.


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